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waiting on word from god. plus, a disaster scene in detroit. firefighters are still working to put out hot spots after spending more than four hours tuesday battling at least 85 blazes across three neighborhoods. and big question this hour, is white house chief of staff rahm emanuel really on his way out of d.c. going back to the windy city? plus, a lion puts on an unexpected show in las vegas shocking its trainers and everyone watching at the casino. first, though, we want to update you on that breaking news story out of sacramento county, california, where a man believed to be armed was sitting inside of his car outside of a mcdonald's suspected of stealing this vehicle. you see him there in the white tank top. at some points we saw a pretty tense moment as police and authorities there surrounded that vehicle. the man had a gun in his hand and this is the scene where authorities rushed in arresting him. fahey laid down on the parking
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lot gravel there in the mcdonald's parking lot. this has ended and he's in custody under arrest. it was a tense standoff with an armed man who was wanted, possibly for the theft of a vehicle. now, back to the other big national story, quite honestly, an international story at this point. secretary of state hillary clinton and david petraeus and even the vatican now condemning a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran this weekend. still, pastor terry jones and his congregation of about 50 people said he is going ahead with the burning unless he receives instructions from god to do otherwise. >> if you ask me if i'm just totally closed minded, then, of course, i cannot respond with no because i'm not. if god told us to do it, then i guess he could tell us to do something different. >> this morning, general ray
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ordeearno also expressed his concern of american troops if this burning takes place. >> i think there will be some backlash and i think we have seen some already. >> kerry sanders is in florida. this church, if it tries to burn the koran, it would be violating an ordinance, right? >> yes. the city has an ordinance, not related to burning of korans, but just burning anything in your yard. they have a field here and the ordinance is rather specific. it allows, for instance, kids to go camping and have a little camp fire in their yard. but, it has to be twigs and branches. the city police department says that they have interpreted the ordinance that if they were to burn the books that the ink in the koran would be a hazardous material and, so, what they're
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planning to do is if they decide to come out here and burn the koran as they say they're going to do on the anniversary of 9 /11 the gainesville fire department will be on alert. if they try to spark it, the fire department will put it out. the real concern here is as you heard from general odierno as well as general petraeus, the real kern is that image. this is an internet society. even to areas that are a little less connected. everyone is able to get to those images quickly on the internet and the fweer is the burning of the koran image will have an igniting effect among the extremists who are looking for a reason to target their anger at american soldiers and marines in uniform and target them. i asked the pastor here, if this happens, you burn the koran and then somebody on the other side of the room specifically targets an american soldier, somebody in uniform because of what you've
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done here, will you feel responsible? this is what he had to say. >> we would, we would feel terrible that that would be a disaster. that would be beyond words. but we would not, we are not responsible for that. i mean, why don't we point the finger. point the finger at us. why don't we point the finger at them, the people who did it. we are not responsible if they do that. actually, all we have done is revealed the violence that is there. >> so, why does this pastor of this small congregation want to burn the koran? he says in a very lengthy interview, if i were to submirm what his point was. part of the islamic teaching is somehow encroaching into the united states and he feels that
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by burning the koran it sends a signal to the extreme elements within the muslim world that that law is not welcome here. very complicated, but at the end of the day, very simplistic. the image of burning a koran is not something that the state department or others want to see happen because they know what it is going to mean on the back end. >> thank you, kerry. the justice department is investigating a number of anti-muslim incidents nationwide including the brutal stabbing of a taxi cab driver in new york city. they're looking into vandalism and other incidents in four other states. tuesday attorney general eric holder met with muslim and other leaders and stress his commitment to prosecuting hate crimes. breaking news to report right now, authorities in pakistan says they will bring terrorism charges against three men for assisting the failed times square bomber.
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officials in the capital city of islamabad said the three will be brought before a court soon. the pakistan taliban had claimed responsibility for that failed attack that happened in june when 30-year-old fasal shahzad pleaded guilty in new york. authorities say he's admitted to receiving bombmaking training in pakistan. in an hour from now, president obama will leave the white house on his way to ohio. the president is continuing to spell out his plans to fix the economy and get millions of americans back to work. this afternoon at a community college in parma, the president will outline new tax credits to spur businesses to hire and defend his decision to allow the bush tax cuts to expire. nbc mike viqueira is live at the white house and, mike, i understand that is the big message today. the president will draw the line in the sand, if he hasn't already, on the bush tax cuts. >> that is the big fight and reality check that is really the only fight that is happening in congress between the administration and republicans. the president is going to put
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forward some proposals. you outlined them there, tamron. research and development tax breaks and capital investment tax breaks for equipment that businesses might buy. they get a tax break if they do that. you heard them on monday talk about 50 billion up front on roads and railways and bridges and things of that nature. the tax breaks that are expiring. the bush tax breaks of 2001 and 2003 and the president wants to extend them all except for couples making above $250,000 a year. john boehner on the other hand, the house republican leader came out this morning and he said, look, let's just extend it and keep it the way it is for two years and the argument made by boehner and many economists we have to say raising taxes on anyone, even the wealthy with a very fragile economy is bad news for the economy, even the president's own form eer budget chief wants to do something along those lines.
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that is the fight here and you'll see president obama come out very strongly today and say that he wants those tax breaks to be extended for everybody but he will stick with that $250,000 threshold, tamron. >> we will have the president's remarks around 2:00 p.m. eastern time and also have a panel with us to talk about what the president has to say. thanks, mike. finally this morning, bp is saying what it thinks caused the explosion of the deepwater horizon oil rig. one of the worst in environmental disaster history. bp claims no single factor is to blame, rather internal investigation concluded multiple companies and work teams contributed to the disaster. nbc's charles hadlock joins us from venice, louisiana. it is in bp's best interest to spread the blame here because financially if it shoulders it alone, we know that could be devastating to the company. >> yeah, it's a huge liability. so, there is a lot of fingerpointing in this report. by the way, this is the report. it is over 100 pages long. in it, bp basically says the
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accident arose from a complex and interlinked series of mechanical failures, human judgments, engineering design and implementation and team interfaces. basically what happened that night, there was a bad cement job. it wasn't complete. that in and of itself would not be a problem, but engineers and other personnel on the rig misinterpreted some of the readings and they signed off on the rig as being ready for production. but what happened was the oil and gas came up through the riser pipe that night undetected until the very last moment and there were some key decisions that were made that led to the explosion. and bp is saying that there is more blame than just bp. transocean, the owner and operator of the rig is also to blame, as well as halliburton which did some of the cement work in the hours and days leading up to the explosion. transocean issued a statement on its website saying that this is
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a self-serving report, talking about the bp report. that attempts to conceal the critical factor that set the stage for the macondo incident and that is bp's fatally flawed design. as you can tell, a lot of fingerpointing going on. there are several investigations, this isn't the only one. the coast guard has its own investigation under way into what happened, as well as regulatory agencies and the presidential commission also looking into the cause that led to the disaster in the gulf of mexico. tamron? >> charles, thank you very much. >> sure. as we reported, detroit is still smoldering after about 85 fires broke out in just four hours yesterday evening devastating add least three neighborhoods. flames fanned by strong winds damaged two dozen homes and in many cases the structures burned to the ground. it barely looks like a home existed in this area. officials speculate the fires
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could have been caused by branches falling on to dead power lines. >> a city up in smoke. firefighters in detroit battling burning homes on fire tuesday after a series of fires broke out on the city's east side. >> with the wind blowing, spreading fire after fire after fire. >> reporter: powerful winds up to 49 miles an hour knocked tree branches on to power lines sparking several of the fast-moving fires. the dangerous flames sent residents scrambling, many of the burning buildings are abandoned homes in this troubled city, but others are not hitting those residents who still live in the city, especially hard. >> i don't have a place to go and i'll lose everything. >> reporter: residents fear for the worse as crews responded to 85 fires in just a five-hour period a grueling task for the city's firefighters.
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>> my men have got to pace themselves at this point in time. >> reporter: as fire crews fought the flames and smoke, many residents scrambled to save what they could. >> it's bad, it's really bad. you can't hardly see. >> reporter: many could not believe what they were seeing. >> i see my house is on fire, it's on fire. >> you saw that devastation in detroit. well, the national weather service says parts of the northeast could be prone to similar windy conditions this afternoon. and this means a combination of strong winds, low relative humidity and high temperatures can create explosive fire growth potential. now, red flag warning has been issued from 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, 7:00 p.m. this evening. parts of delaware, new jersey, maryland and pennsylvania are affected. tony blair's new book is breaking all sorts of records, so, why is he canceling his latest book launch party? plus, a fisherman catches a shark and there is a disturbing
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find inside that shark. and it is a crash test for booster seats. how safe are your children in the car seats or booster seats you purchase? we have a new report to tell you about. also, rahm emanuel, will he run for mayor of chicago?we askd s what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ]
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from chicago to the west wing of the white house, there's intense speculation about who will replace chicago mayor richard daley. tuesday afternoon the mayor announced he would not seek re-election after 21 years in that office. >> i've always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. for me, that time is now. >> mayor daley's decision could lead to a real shakeup inside the white house.
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president obama's staff rahm emanuel has been clear about wanting that job. emanuel a former illinois congressman said this on the show "charlie rose" back in april. >> i hope mayor daley seeks re-election. but if mayor daley doesn't, one day i would like to run for mayor of city of chicago. that has always been an inspiration of mine, even when i was in the house of representatives. >> lynn sweet is a columnist with lynn, some people say the way rahm emanuel worded to be mayor of chicago, if mayor daley doesn't want the job, it is something he would like to pursue. maybe he had some information saying the job may be available. what do you know? >> i know back then when rahm gave that interview, no one knew mayor daley would make the inter
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decision he was going to make. he would not make a decision until after the november midterms. also it's not the important part of the story. the important part is that it looks all signals that i am reading and the tea leaves are that rahm emanuel will come back to chicago to run for mayor. the early decision by mayor daley pushes up his timeline to depart earlier than i think he would have wanted. on the other hand, this is what he wanted to do, he put aside a lifetime ammission to work for president obama and i don't think he is going to take a once in a lifetime opening that is in chicago right now. >> it's interesting, lynn, tell me more very specifically because, listen, right now, you have the problem is a mess in that city and you have already african-american leaders saying that it's time to have a black
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mayor of that city kind of aligning themselves against someone who never chooses to run. why would rahm want it now? >> there have been tribal politics in chicago forever. white ethnics might start looking for a candidate, south siders, north siders, many tribes here. rahm knows that. he has to form a coalition that could give him a base to win at least in a runoff and that the city has enormous problems, well, he'll just turn that negative into a positive. saying he's the man to solve it. there's enormous national focus on rahm emanuel in chicago four or five in the top tier. >> certainly he doesn't want to run if he's not going to win. let me play what david axelrod had to say this morning on "today" show. >> there are many here who are ready to fill in, fill in the
11:20 am
breach. but he hasn't made that decision. >> so, the filing deadline is november 22nd. lynn, to your point that there are other candidates, a lot of other big names in the world of chicago, can rahm emanuel win? >> it will be hard. he doesn't come in as the automatic frontrunner. again, nationally he's lionized especially by some of my brothers and sisters in the national press in chicago. i was in chicago and i was in city hall right after daley's announcement. rahm is just one other figure who is out there. what makes him form udable and gives him a running start is he has $1 million in his house campaign fund and he has an immediate war chest that he could start to use and he has great fund raising. when you look at chicago politics, he has a history here and was elected with the help of mayor daley and city hall and a lot of that, a lot of the city
11:21 am
hall payrollers working politic stories. so, he does not start out as the frontrunner, he would be at the top of the pack, but he has a lot of reconnecting he would have to do in chicago. >> all right, lynn, it's a great pleasure having you on. we haven't seen you in a while, so thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, lynn. the party's over before it even started for former british prime minister tony blair. guests who planned to attend scheduled launch party in london tonight to promote his new book "a journey." the party is postponed. this is the second event that blair had to cancel. saturday anti-war protesters in dublin, ireland threw eggs when he signed up for a book signing there. ms. australia claimed she was sabotaged at the miss universe competition. she said someone put something in her evening gown. what? didn't sound right. plus, scientists said they figured out all the right moves
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for men on the dance floor. we'll show you with an avatar the dance move fellows you need to make this weekend. it will make you say no way and we want to know what you think of the stories we're sharing. go to no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work.
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i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh [ mom ] walmart checks other stores' prices so we can save on all our game time favorites. aah! [ laughter ] [ dad ] what do you think of that, huh? [ mom ] and if there's a better price out there, they'll even match it. which means come game time, i'm just as ready as he is. go! go! yeah! [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart.
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the safety of children riding in cars the focuses of a new alert out this morning from the insurance institute of highway safety. funded by auto insurance companies says many booster seats do not do a good job of protecting children in car crashes. nbc tom costello has the new results of the new car tests. >> insurance institute for
11:26 am
highway safety says the majority of its the seats it tested could do a better job. jesse is going to go to school in little bit. this is a good booster seat and the strap is coming across his thighs and really the bony part there of the hip to protect him, not across the tummy. take a look here. it is right across the chest and the sternum, not the neck. if the seat isn't positioned properly, the injuries could be severe. it's a crash test designed for children too big for car seats, but not too big for booster seats. at 35 miles per hour the unrestrained dummies are catapult under to the dashboard and windshield. the injuries potentially life threatening. nationwide in 2008700 children were killed in car accidents, 38% of them were not properly restrained. safety experts say for nearly all kids under the age of 8 and many kids older than that, seat belts aren't enough.
11:27 am
booster seats are critical to lifting kids up, strapped in and keeping them safe. >> safety belts were designed for adults, not for children. the danger with seat belts is if the belt is riding over the abdomen of the tummy of the child, that is a soft part of the body that is vulnerable to injury. >> reporter: but most booster seats don't consistently fit well in all vehicles' of 72 booster seats it tested, the institute listed 21 booster seats as best buys and seven more seats are listed as good bets and 36 boosters might work for some kids in some cars, but not all and eight seats are not recommended, including two models by eddy bauer and two from evenflo and one from safety 1 and one from harmony. the lap belt is coming across the tummy and the shoulder strap is hitting the neck. sooner than later the child gets tired of that and puts the strap
11:28 am
under his or her arm. it are reduce injury in a car by 35% and many parents are surprised by how long children should stay in a booster. >> what we told people is that really 4'9" is the magic number. >> reporter: 4'9". >> you want your children to be 4'9", if you look, that's pretty tall. so, you want your kids coming up to your shoulder. but, really, what's most important is not the age, but the fit. most children do not fit properly in a seat belt without a booster seat until they're at least 4'9". >> reporter: 4'9" and 80 pounds is really the guideline nationwide. we talked to the company that makes the safety 1 and eddie bauer say their seats meet the minimum government standard but they continue to evolve their products and enhance with new technologies and designs. we asked evenflo and harmony for comment, they declined to comment. my friend jesse is on his way to
11:29 am
pre-k, have a good day at school. okay? a few words here and back to you. >> good advice, thank you very much, tom. interesting report. a lion turns on its trainer in las vegas. the shocking video of the attack coming up. plus, bed bugs are invading the country. and we talked about this before, it is not just big cities. ohio really hit hard and now another state dealing with the creepy crawlers. it's almost tee. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. [ animals calling ]uid gel. ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪
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what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks. developing new out of colorado. firefighters are scrambling. officials said firefighters are making progress. the fire doubled in size overnight from 3,500 to more than 7,000 acres. nbc miguel joins us from boulder. what else did they say, miguel, in that news conference?
11:33 am
>> we actually just got an update on the acre. it was downgraded. crews or late last night they were able to get into a plane and do an overhead read. they did say originally it was 7,100 and scaled back to a smaller fire by about 1,000 acres. here is a sound bite that was at that conference that is good news. >> as far as last night there was zero to little growth. any additional fire activity was in the perimeter. the weather was a big key in factoring that with the cooling conditions that they had last evening. >> and weather is actually cooperating with firefighters today. it is much cooler. the heavy strong winds that we had back on monday are gone and that's a good piece of news for firefighters that are up on the hill, as well as for those air tankers that is the way they are attacking this blaze. use air tankers to dump
11:34 am
retardant on smf othe fire as it was spreading towards the community. some homes are still threatened that are in the burn zone that have not burned yet, but firefighters really feel like they're gaining an upper hand. however, we should warn that containment is still at zero percent or slightly higher than that. the fire lines that they need to build around the blaze need to be completed. >> miguel, live for us in boulder, colorado, thank you, miguel. honeymooners in las vegas captured a pretty scary scene on camera. you see the lion at the mgm habitat relaxing with two trainers standing nearby and suddenly that lion pounces one of the trainers and the second trainer tried to help out and the lion eventually stopped attacking, but pursued the trainer for some time there. you see, luckily, that man needed just stitches in his leg and we knew it could have been far worse. look at the size of that lion.
11:35 am
officials don't know what prompted the attack, but the lion was probably just irritated and could have certainly done much worse. you hear in the background the people who was watching. that honeymooner who caught this video and you can hear their shock to see that happen. the authorities are trying to identify human remains found in the belly of a tiger shark. the 12-foot shark was caught off the bahamas over the weekend. the fisherman who made the catch said they were about to cut the hook out of the mouth and let the shark go when, in their words, it spit up a human foot. then when they got it to land, they found the remains of a human. authorities say it's unclear if that shark actually killed someone or hate a drowning victim. very disturbing story there. there's a new way to fight the massive bed bug invasion that is quickly spreading across the country. take a look at the map we have for you. the bed bugs have made their way far beyond new york city and los
11:36 am
angeles. the smaller cities in the midwest that are topping the list of the most bed bug infe infested areas in the country. jong yang is in the heart of the midwest where they're using heat to fight back. it's so interesting, john, i just saw an article where people are buying sleeping bags to sleep in when you travel at a hotel so you have a cocoon to protect your body. people are desperate, no one wants a case of bed bugs. >> this is something that is affecting a lot of people everywhe everywhere, not just in new york and the heartland. so many chemical pesticides that helped eradicate bed bugs in the 1950s have been banned so a lot of pest control people are turning to heat. they are taking big heaters into rooms and heating them up to 120 degrees for several hours. they say that will kill bed bugs and, more importantly, kill their eggs so it will stop them in their tracks. this is, i saw a demonstration
11:37 am
of this here in topeka yesterday. there is so much of this that bed bugs were sort of dormant for such a long time that there hadn't been a lot of research on it and a lot of pest control people didn't know how to handle it when the resurgence first started and experts say it may be ten years before another effective chemical pesticide is developed and in the meantime, they say, we just have to get used to the idea that when we travel and wherever we go, we may not be alone, tamron. >> courtney hazlett is here with me, john. we're both just like popping our arms and you can't see that video enough, i guess. because, apparently, we show it enough. nonetheless, i'm curious, john, we talked with a guy who is an exterminator and he was talking about people using diesel fuel and going to extremes, unhealthy extremes to get rid of bed bugs. are you hearing folks really kind of have that reaction
11:38 am
there? >> absolutely. i think this, i think it's a universal response. the exterminators and a lot of the experts warn that a lot of the homemade remedies and even commercial remedies that you buy over the counter in stores can actually make the problem worse because they don't really affect the bed bugs. what they do is spread the bed bugs. you spray them and they spread and they go back behind the walls and follow it into other places and other rooms and you just sort of spread them out. >> you know, i could look at snakes and spiders all day long, but that video is killing me. thank you very much, john. greatly appreciate it. breaking news today who will replace broadcast legend larry king. there is an heir to the throne. courtney hazlett joins us. it is official. >> it is official. the worst kept secret of the summer has been made official by cnn. they broke it on the new york
11:39 am
times website. larry king will be replaced by piers morgan. what is he going to be doing exactly? in the statement from cnn they didn't say he would replace cnn his candid, in-depth interview program will begin in january. so, we have that -- >> he's doing double duty, still. >> he will continue his "america got talent" duties through that contract and also there's talk that he will do some of his work in britain, as well. so, it sounds like he's going to be a busy, busy man and should be an interesting transition. also in the news, meghan mccain cause on last night. a lot of what it is like to be the child of one of these politicians is left out and you don't hear a lot about it. she was promoting her book last night and this is what meghan mccain told jay leno. >> like the rest of the country, i had no idea who she was and i
11:40 am
was crying on the bus on the way to the rally. i was being on stage and thinking, god, don't let her have any skeletons in the closet. i was just really scared. i didn't know her. >> what did you think of her when you met her? >> my initial reaction was, who the hell is sarah palin? just like everybody else. >> talking about meghan mccain being very candid there. i could have watched, if that interview was an hour long, i would have watched the entire hour of it because i don't think you realize how much string pulling takes place. she was talking about how she had to change the way she dresses because she was john mccain's daughter and she was supposed to talk with a deeper voice because a senator's daughter shouldn't sound like a valley girl. check it out if you get a chance. we have to talk to you about this. interview you about this next story. ms. australia said she was backstabbed at the miss
11:41 am
universe. another contestant lined her dress with pins and it caused her to feel sharp pains. were you feeling that vibe at all? >> no, she was a fan favorite and a lot of people thought that she had a very natural beauty or what not. but, yeah, but she did. >> that's the dress right there that is allegedly lined with pins. >> maybe that's why she's standing so straight up. but she won the award for like miss congeniality where the other contestants vote and she won the nice girl award. i don't know the name of it. >> we are getting to the point where the scandal after the pageant is a touch more interesting. if you remember the miss puerto rico pageant where there was an acquisition of pepper spray. >> those girls don't play. >> they play real rough. >> this was her costume that was supposed to represent her country. >> with the ugg boots, which i don't think you can see in that shot there.
11:42 am
>> she has a new job. she's a morning show anchor in australia. there are the boots. >> hopefully wardrobe is keeping an eye out for the person with the pins. >> the person with the pins. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> for the very latest entertainment news, logon to courtney is going to stick around because the next few stories will blow you away. there are few things considered news and there are a few stories around this time of the morning that make you say -- >> no way! >> attention all you men with two left feet out there. a team of british psychologists discovered the moves you need to make to make yourself irresistible on the dance floor. they used avatars to show what the right and wrong way to shake your groove thing is. here are the moves you don't want to make. you won't get a dance partner and you won't get anyone to want you. >> don't dance in circles. >> moving your arms and legs and you don't move the rest of your body. >> like patting down some girls.
11:43 am
don't do that. >> now, check out what they say makes you a good dancer. that gentleman, that's what you're supposed to do on the dance floor. i am all woman and i promise you i would never dance with a man who did that. >> i don't think it's very manley. that is like an ellen degeneres signature move here. >> it's ellen. >> that was ellen. i'm doing it poorly. there you go. fascinating video. >> psychologists who did it. well, this next story will make you say no way and might be a little disturbing. a 3-d image and called pavement patty and it's meant to slow drivers down. it looks like an actual little girl running after a ball but it's a decal on the pavement. the girl's appearance rises from the ground and as you approach in your car. drivers at 18 miles per hour would have enough time to stop
11:44 am
before hitting the hologram little girl. safety advocates created the little girl as part of a safety program. isn't that something? well, snooki from "jersey shore" will be in a jersey shore courtroom from an hour and a half from now trying to prove that she was not annoying people. snooki annoying? >> never. >> she was creating a public nuisance back in july. running there? dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of detroit. this is yet another house fire. we don't know if this fire is connected with the series of about 85 fires that happened over night in detroit in a four-hour period of time. this home fully engulfed in flames and several homes destroyed due to high winds spanning the flames of fires that are under investigation. this is another one we're watching here and it's actually very sad to see someone's home completely engulfed in flames.
11:48 am
we don't know if it's connected to the 85 or so fires that started yesterday in a four-hour period of time. investigators believe maybe power lines and high winds caused the fires in three different neighborhoods. we don't know the cause of this fire, but we wanted to bring you the latest out of detroit and we hope to get more information. but you see firefighters surrounding this fire. i believe you see the water being sprayed from the bottom of your screen there and this is a sizable home. we don't know any more about whether it was an occupied home. some of the buildings that were destroyed yesterday were abandoned, so we will get more information. we'll go to break on this, but we will keep you up to date on another house fire in detroit. they're experiencing high winds in that city, winds up to 50 miles per hour and making it very difficult for the firefighters on the scene. me neither.
11:49 am
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reality tv star snooki is
11:52 am
expected back in court in two hours. the 22-year-old star of the "jersey shore" will face kill roy in the battleground state of ohio. luke russert joins us from washington with a look at that. she's in trouble, luke. >> she is, indeed, poll after poll shows her trailing her opponent. somewhat ironic. this is a district where barack
11:53 am
obama won in 2008 and still popular. a lot are worried about the economy and republicans seem more enthusiastic about voting. ohio's 15th district is in the must win for republicans if they are to take back the house of representatives. making nancy pelosi a dirty phrase is one of their key tactics in meeting this goal. >> she's a very, very party centric candidate. she's a democrat, liberal democrat, voted 94% of the time with speaker nancy pelosi. >> reporter: in this district obama is not a dirty word. mary jo needs him and his hole sis to excite her base. >> you're in a district where unlike other parts of ohio, president obama's policies rate quite favorably. why do you think it's such a tough fight. >> it's a swing district for decades, republican district but now it's trending democratic. i think that's why i'm going to win. >> reporter: many of the voters
11:54 am
like what she's helped accomplish in washington. >> i really think she's been working, i really do, for us. i hope it continues, gets better. >> reporter: while kilroy is running against stivers, the problem is the flagging economy. >> how long have you been looking for a job. >> unemployed two years. >> three months. >> reporter: an enthusiastic base. >> she campaigned with obama, very much in support of him in 2008. how does she drive turnout? i don't know that she can. >> reporter: she's trying to communicate with her electorate. >> continuing outreach to constituents so they understand what i'm doing for them as their member of congress and show them in various different ways that i've been working for them in washington. >> but conservatives seem to be doing a better job of garnering enthusiasm. >> several friends and myself that have joined the party movemenéç and we look at
11:55 am
everything aggressively saying we need radical change now. >> reporter: and her base may be too busy looking for a job to cast a ballot. >> don't have a job. >> we've been in our house 28 years and they are foreclosing on us and there's no help in sight. >> reporter: we weren'table to talk to mr. stivers because he was on national guard duty. they might pull out of the race because they view it not to be winnable. no indication so far but one gop operative in ohio that i spoke to earlier today said, quote, if we cannot win this case, the gop leadership should retire on the spot. quite confident in gop country. tamron. >> a reminder, president obama is in ohio. we'll bring his remarks. thank you, luke. that disit for me. i will see you back at 2:00 and we'll have the president's speech on the economy.
11:56 am
up next contessa brewer. >> we're talking about president obama and john boehner going head to head over the economy as the president goes to ohio. nation's leaders condemning a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran on 9/11. megan mccain talks dirty sexy politics and why she says sarah palin made her cry. want to say married? have some sons. provocative research that may make partners suspicious of their daughters. be right back. - lafayette, what're you doing? - ( music playing )
11:57 am
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that's a hit. one a day men's. but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury. so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs, if you don't have good knees. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. good wednesday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer covering big news from coast-to-coast. the big topic this hour is a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran on 9/11 and there is condemnation to go around. for the second time in less than 24 hours, secretary of state hillary clinton has condemned the event. in fact, she's calling on the

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